Les différenciations-clés en CNV – Partie 4


Date de début de l'événement

14 décembre 2022

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The goal of these four workshops is to better understand and integrate the intricacies of Marshall Rosenberg’s process. It will therefore be a question of refining certain notions; to refine your understanding of certain concepts and further integrate the process.

Unusual workshops, tinged with an alternation between theoretical reminders and practical situations.

For those who wish to go even further, towards more finesse and quality in their practice of CNV.

Here are the key differentiations we will cover this Wednesday:

  • Vulnerability ≠ weakness
  • Self-empathy ≠ acting out, repressing one’s feelings or wallowing in one’s feelings
  • Guess ≠ know
  • Feeling empathically ≠ guessing intellectually 


Prerequisites: have participated in a minimum of four days of training in NVC (face-to-face or the online equivalent) with a certified trainer.
Attendance at the four key differentiation workshops is recommended but not required.

Price :

Individuals: €50 including VAT
Professionals not subject to VAT: €80 including VAT (with receipt)
Professionals subject to VAT: €95 including VAT (with invoice)

Conduct of an online training

The sessions are structured around individual and collaborative activities.
The platform used is Zoom.

Reduction – Reduced rate

I would be sad if money were an obstacle to your participation. I know that this can be difficult and inconvenient, and at the same time I strongly encourage you to send me a concrete request for a reduction if your financial situation does not allow you to pay the price indicated above. I would be happy to look with you for a solution that respects the financial balance of each of us.

Booking and cancellation conditions

In order to avoid blocking a place for a person whose commitment is uncertain, you are asked to pay for your registration within 48 hours of completing this registration form (please send proof payment by email in case of bank transfer).
After this period, and unless special dispensation has been granted by Sophie, your registration will be canceled and your place assigned to another person. Your registration is therefore effective when you are in payment order only.
The payment will count as final registration. An amount of 50€ will be retained in all cases of cancellation. An amount equivalent to 30% of the registration fees due will be retained in the event of withdrawal within 21 days of the start of a course. The entire registration is due in the event of withdrawal within 15 days of the start of a course.
You can always offer your seat to a friend or acquaintance. In this case the cancellation penalties are not applied.

IMPORTANT note about your email address

Once registered for this online training, you will receive messages sent by email from me and it is therefore important that your mail server accepts messages from my address which is sg@girasol.be, otherwise my messages will be diverted to your spam box and you will not receive the information essential to the smooth running of your training.
Please therefore set the security options of your mail server (here is a link to help you if you do not know how to do it: https://faq.cyberimpact.com/articles/171/comment-Add-une -address-e-mail-address-book-why )

Computer skills required :

If this is your first experience of Zoom videoconferencing, you are invited to familiarize yourself with this simple and easy-to-use tool prior to the training via this link

The following technologies are necessary:
​​– Audio (check that the microphone is working properly) your computer or mobile phone or have a headset with integrated microphone
– Video (with an integrated camera or webcam on your computer (PC or Mac), preferably with a broadband connection – ADSL)
You do not need any special computer knowledge to successfully complete this training. We will use the following tools offered by Zoom: chat and breakout rooms. You can inquire beforehand if you wish, but it is not essential for the smooth running of your internship.
If you have not yet installed the Zoom application on your mobile or computer, please follow the “Download” link to install it (it’s free) by clicking here

You can test how well your system is working here

If you are having difficulty accessing the website, access Zoom technical support here

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Particuliers Qté de billet :
Prix par billet : 50,00 
Professionnels non assujettis à la TVA Qté de billet :
Prix par billet : 80,00 
Professionnels assujettis à la TVA Qté de billet :
Prix par billet : 95,00 
Quantité : Total

Event FAQs

Vais-je recevoir une attestation de participation valorisable dans le parcours de certification à la fin de la formation ?
A partir du moment où la formation est animée par un(e) formateur(trice) certifié(e), elle est valorisable dans le parcours de certification en CNV, au même titre qu'un même module de formation en présentiel.
Y a-t-il des tarifs réduits pour les étudiants, les chômeurs et les couples ?
Il n'y a pas de réduction automatique pour qui que ce soit. Par contre toute personne ayant de la difficulté à payer le tarif annoncé sans compromettre sa sécurité financière est vivement encouragée à adresser une demande concrète (càd chiffrée) à Sophie.
Cette demande sera peut-être négociée à la hausse afin de pouvoir offrir une réduction à d'autres personnes en difficulté financière, mais je n'ai encore jamais refusé un participant pour un problème de budget.
Un étalement des paiements est également envisageable.
Les sessions de travail sont-elles enregistrées ?
Par soucis de confidentialité, les sessions de travail ne sont pas enregistrées

Lieu de l'événement

Date de l'événement

  • 14 décembre 2022 14h00   -   16h30
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